The Leica NOVA MS50 MultiStation Laser Scanner is here and we have it!

Transition Engineering Surveying Primary (In-House) Equipment List

January 2018

Surveying Primary Field Equipment

  • 2016 2WD Toyota Tacoma Access Cab
  • 2012 4WD Toyota Tundra fully equipped
  • 2005 4WD Dodge Dakota Pickup fully equipped
  • Leica NOVA MS50 Robot Scanner system with a manageable data size footprint making integrated survey grade wireframe data scanning practical. The Leica NOVA MS50 is a 1 second “MultiStation” with reflectorless EDM with a range of 2,000 feet and high-speed (1000Hz) electronic distance measurement, automatic target recognition, state of the art “PowerSearch”, 5 megapixel imaging, overview camera, telescope camera, autofocus, WLAN, Bluetooth, RS232/USB interface, RadioHandle interface, USB stick/SD card interface, 1 GB internal flash memory, laser plummet, 2 keyboards with full VGA color touch screen, and electronic guide light (EGL). We compile and process robotic and scan data with the complete Leica SmartWorx Viva, Infinity and MultiWorx AutoCAD bundles software suites
  • Leica TCRP 1205+ Powersearch, Pinpoint R400 Robotic Total Station System with RH1200 Radio Handle, Allegro Data Collector and Carlson SurvCE v2.5 “field to finish” data collection software
  • Two Leica TCRP 1203 R300 Robotic Total Station Systems with RH1200 Radio Handles, Allegro Data Collectors and Carlson SurvCE v1.67 “field to finish” data collection software
  • One Nikon AE-7 and two Topcon RT-B2 auto precision levels
  • Two Carlson All-in-One Surveyor+GPS dual frequency RTK GNSS receivers and field controllers with Carlson SurvCE v2.5 data collection field data collection software
  • Laser Alignment LB-4 Series (Auto-Rotating) Laser Beacon
  • Topcon Hiperlite GPS System RTK with radios, receiver, base station and repeater (July 2010) (subcontracted)

Primary Computer Equipment


  • Eight Dell XPS 8700 and Dell XPS 8900 desktop computers and multi-monitor workstations
  • Eight Dell Inspiron 15″ and 17″ laptop workstation computers
  • Dell Precision M6700 and M3800 professional series precision laptop workstation computers
  • Canon iPF785 Large-Format scanner plotter system
  • HP DesignJet 1055CM Plus (Model C6075A) Large-Format printer
  • Three high performance custom-built servers with multiple redundancy backup

Primary Professional Software

  • Autodesk Civil 3D 2008-2018 AutoCAD Engineering Surveying and design software with hydraulic modeling software
  • Microsoft Office 365 2016
  • Carlson Survey (SurvCAD) 2017
  • Google Professional GSuite software and Dropbox for Business